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I'm so glad I went back to campus for my 10th reunion -- and I'm going to say right now, all my Sagies, go to yours, go, it's fun, trust me, I don't care if most of your friends aren't in your class, it's still fun.

The weekend started quietly for me, with check-in and some time to kill, so I wandered around campus, first doing their letterboxing challenge, then just taking pictures, 'cause I realized that I didn't have any digital pics of the campus. Then, I went to a book discussion, which was sort of interesting and a nice way to ease into the weekend.

Later on came the McKinstry brick dedication, where I got to see our E brick for the first time. Yay, we're immortalized! :) And I ran into some fellow Angels along the way (one of whom recognized me from the back... um, wtf? My back view has definitely changed a lot since college!), and it's funny, 'cause even though I was never close with most of my class (except Jess and Laura, who didn't come :( ), I was always well-known on campus, and the popular/in-charge types in my class would always include me in Rally stuff, things like that, and that hasn't changed. They were all really nice and glad to see me, and we all sorta flocked together (Angels of a feather...) during a good part of the weekend. There was a Sagettes show (well, two songs, a few renditions of the Alma Mater and a bunch of Rally songs) after our glorified dining hall dinner (trust me, the food gets better, keep reading), and when we all went up to do Seven Daffs and got to the introductions, I got a huge cheer from one corner of the room -- my Angels were in the house. :)

At the end of the night, we all ended up going out to the Ruck, and we were all a bit taken aback to be ID'd ... oh yeah, it's a bar, even if none of us look even close to underage anymore. It was a fun time, though -- we pushed a few tables together and ordered a few dozen of half-priced (and really tasty) wings.

The second day was even better, though it was tough getting up early after the night before (even though I was only out until maybe 11:40 or so... but I had to be back by 9, so ick). I started off with a Zumba class, so now I can finally say that I've tried that. It sure kicked my ass, but y'know, it sorta had more of an aerobics feel to it than dance, very sort of "just do what I do!", very short on breaks, too, so I don't think I'd want to take Zumba classes. I'm glad I got to try it, though.

Then, I had some time to cool down and change out of my workout clothes, and then I had a chair massage, my first professional massage, actually, short though it was. It hurt a bit, but y'know, my shoulders did feel looser afterward, for a little while, anyway. Though maybe I shouldn't have gotten too relaxed, 'cause I was really hurting during the president's speech, struggling to keep my sore eyes open and pay attention, even though it was a pretty good speech. LadiEs, here's some good news: she promised that as long as she's president, we won't go co-ed.

Lunch was pretty good, a pre-plated affair in the Aggie of grilled chicken, sesame noodles and chocolate mousse. Then came the Parade of Classes, which was really cool. It was a lot of fun, and I got to help carry our class banner, and they blocked off the street for us, and there was a marching band to lead us and play us into Bush. There were even a few spectators, husbands and boyfriends as well as some random residents who heard a band and came to see the spectacle.

The alumnae meeting was interesting, especially when they announced all of the class donations. We made our goal, w00t! Also, we were touched to see that there was actually a donation from the class of '36, $300. Class of '36! They'd be, what, almost 90 years old? And they still remembered their alma mater. Wish whoever it was could've come in person, so we could've thanked them -- the earliest class with a representative there was '46.

Afterwards, I went on a tour of the Washington Park area, which was... eh, long. Parts of it were interesting, but after a while, it was more walking, another house, more walking, another house. I skipped out a bit "early" (I put that in quotes 'cause the tour ran at least a half-hour longer than it was supposed to before I left), and by this point, my feet and legs were starting to kill me from so much walking around (and the Zumba, I imagine). I ended up just sitting on the low wall outside Buchman until cocktail time.

Yes, cocktail time... there was a cocktail hour in Bush, and it was an open bar for the rest of the night for everything except liquor. It was weird to see Bush turned into a reception area, a bar and a cheese-and-crackers station and butlered hors d'oeuvres. It was a preview of things to come, though. The class dinner was in the Robison gym -- and you never would have known, 'cause they dressed it up REALLY nice, fabric curtains and chandeliers and everything. It was totally swank. And so was dinner: filet mignon and salmon with green beans, carrots and roasted potatoes, plus wine, of course. Very classy, very nice.

And then came the afterparty -- desserts and coffee in Buchman and a dance party with open bar and platters of small sweets in Bush. It was a rockin' good time (though my legs and feet are still a bit sore, days later, from all of that walking and then dancing). It amazed me how much the older alums know how to party! Especially the class of '71 -- I want to be those ladies when I grow up. :) It was so cool, though, being out on the dance floor with all of these women, Devils and Cows and Shoes and other Angels, not knowing or caring who was which, 60-somethings and 40-somethings and 20-somethings (yes, there were a few '06'es there) all partying together and having fun. I hadn't really realized it until then, but it's like gaining a whole new set of classes above and below you, just spaced a bit farther apart -- and since the 1's and 6's are always together, we'll see the same ladies in 5 years (you better believe I'll be there). It was a whole new feeling of sisterhood, and it was really awesome. :)
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