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We went on a day-long double-date yesterday to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties, and it was a pretty good time, though unfortunately, I forgot that long sleeves and an overcast day do not grant me immunity to sunburn -- got my neck and chest pretty toasted. Ah, well. It was worth it.

We spent the day with a couple of his friends who live down there, and we ate a ton of stuff -- garlic ice cream (not bad but too vanilla, could have used more garlic flavor), roasted garlic straight up (yummy), garlic cheese (cheddar with scape was a bit bitter, cheddar with roasted garlic was good, provolone with garlic was very buttery), garlic vinegar (good until I swallowed, ow my throat), garlic fudge (surprisingly good), garlic pickles (too cucumber-y, not enough spice/sugar/garlic), garlic-based dips, garlic chocolate chip cookies (not enough garlic to be noticeable) and garlic chocolate (like a Crunch bar, then what a kick when the chocolate's gone). We also had lunch at a Puerto Rican booth, a new experience since neither of us had had Puerto Rican food before; we split an alcapurria (meat filling inside a mashed-starch coating and deep fried) and an empanada. I'd eat either of those again.

Sadly, I didn't bring anything home except a small garlic pin. I was planning on hauling back pounds of cheese and jars of pickles and maybe a few pounds of fudge, but eh, none of it was really stuff I'd want to stockpile. Still, it was a good time, even if I couldn't get the taste of garlic out of my mouth for the rest of the day. :)


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