Jan. 1st, 2010

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Happy 2010, everyone! :)

We went to First Night tonight, and it was pretty cool, definitely worth going to -- it was really neat going to what was my first New Year's party, the first time I've ever shared in the revelry of a big celebration. We saw a bunch of bands, stopping in the middle for dinner at the Union Grille (pretty good) and cupcakes from Bettie's. Here's what we saw:

Hair of the Dog: Good Irish-rock band, a rollicking way to start the night.

Happy Balky and the Good Livin': We went to this mostly for the novelty, as I went to school with a couple of guys with the band. They had a good sound, but Brittney Kissinger is so over-trained and diva-molded that she doesn't play well with others -- her sound just didn't mesh well with the rest of the band.

Racing City Chorus: Pretty good for what they are, a barbershop-esque men's chorus.

Saratoga Faire: Honestly, I thought I'd be in the mood for slow, old-Celtic music, but I just wasn't. We moved on from this one pretty quickly.

Ramblin' Jug-Stompers: The musical highlight of the night, I think, and this was the one act we hadn't planned on seeing in the first place. They had good music, and they were highly entertaining on stage -- at one point, they even used an old typewriter as a musical instrument. :)

Matt McCabe: Talented, to be sure, but he had a lot of slower folky songs that I wasn't really in the mood for by then.

And then, there were fireworks, begun with a wonderful midnight kiss (and how often can you say "he kissed me and I saw fireworks"? ;) ). I cried a bit, but y'know, it's really nice to happy-cry instead of sad-cry, and that's what it was -- I was just really, really happy in that moment. :)

And now we're back home, having just finished off a bottle of sparkling cider between us (the third toast was "To absent friends" -- I was thinking of you, ladiEs) and some cupcakes I brought home. It's been a lovely night. Here's to a wonderful 2010 ahead. :)


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